The Signature Search Process

Step 1 - Management Review

Before we begin the search process, we capture the best-fit requirements, familiarize ourselves with your firm and industry, conduct comprehensive interviews in your offices with appropriate staff, assess the organizational culture, define the target position you wish to fill, and evaluate the relationship elements of management and peers.

Step 2 - Candidate Profile

We create a written candidate profile of the ideal candidate and position requirements including basic function, relationships, responsibilities and authority. We work with you to approve this profile and leverage these specifications to describe the position to prospective candidates.

Step 3 - Candidate Identification

Because we are not a placement firm, we do not solicit and file resumes from job seekers. We proactively search for candidates only when our client initiates a search. We conduct a targeted search based on client requirements, identify a pool of prospective candidates through proven direct sourcing methods, and personally screen all candidates before you meet any of them. We know your time is valuable, so we present only those applicants with the qualifications you are seeking.

Step 4 - Candidate Evaluation

We spend a minimum of four hours with each candidate before we present anyone including a two-hour phone interview followed by at least two hours of face-to-face competency interviewing. We then provide an executive summary or complete assessment of these interviews to you. We typically present formal profiles of three to four candidates and schedule interviews based on your feedback.  Some clients also request thorough, formalized computer assessment reports backed by proven organizational psychologists to confidentially capture candidate competencies from another prospective; we provide this option as well.

Step 5 - References and Background

It is critical to run background and reference checks on finalists for every position. We pursue detailed professional and personal assessments by former supervisors, peers, subordinates and other associates. We also completely verify work history, education and other work related measures. However, we do not make any inquiries that would jeopardize an individual’s current employment. We also follow the standards outlined in the Fair Credit Reporting Act as it affects hiring decisions in the United States.

Step 6 - Offer and Acceptance

We are available to assist with the offer agreement, or employment contract, and to facilitate negotiations within your guidelines. On acceptance of the offer, we remain in close contact with you and the candidate during the resignation phase and during relocation, if applicable.

Step 7 - Follow-up

Our Signature Search Process does not end with offer acceptance. We remain in contact with you and the newly hired executive to help identify and solve any issues that may arise. We will often visit with the new hire early in the orientation phase and then follow up by phone and mail as the executive settles into the new work environment. We will connect with you and your hired executive for many years…as long as they are on your team. This involvement allows us to advise you on how well the new person is adjusting.

By developing our own 7-step Signature Search Process focused on service and detail, we’ve added a level of commitment to the tradition of retained search that promises to unearth talent that lasts.